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Filmmaker Jami Names Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon As His Alleged Rapist

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Filmmaker Jami Moor has named Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon as his alleged rapist. In a tweet response posted on Saturday, Jami alleged that Hameed Haroon had raped him.

In October, the filmmaker had come forward with his #MeToo story, alleging that he was raped by a media tycoon, but stopped short of naming the rapist. His allegations came in the wake of attacks on the #MeToo campaign on social media after a professor in Lahore who was wrongly accused of harassment by one of his students committed suicide.

Following the tragic incident, the false harassment allegations which led to the accused’s suicide were condemned by #MeToo supporters as well, but some used the episode as a reason to discredit the entire movement. A smear campaign against #MeToo started on social media with people claiming that most of the sexual harassment allegations are aimed at ruining the accused’s reputation. Jami sided with the victims and condemned the attacks on #MeToo, coming forward with his own story.

Meanwhile, the violent protesters who gathered outside Dawn’s office, accusing the newspaper of treason earlier in December were demanding hanging of Hameed Haroon on the said charges.

It goes without saying that the propaganda against Dawn newspaper by rogue elements should not be justified under the garb of Jami’s accusations.

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