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Dua Mangi Abduction Case: Man From US Suspected To Be The Kidnapper

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22-year-old student Dua Mangi was kidnapped outside Chai Master in DHA Karachi last Saturday. Her friend, Haris Fateh Soomro, was shot in the neck and remains in a critical condition. A news published in The News says that police have found a 9mm shell at the site of the kidnapping and are looking at various angles of the case.

According to the report, DIG South Sharjeel Kharral has announced the creation of a special task force that will look into this incident and collect the needed evidence. The officials are currently following several leads.

According to the police, Dua and her friend were regulars at Chai Master for the past few months and had been coming to the place regularly for the last four to five days before the kidnapping as well.

Several people are being suspected of involvement in the kidnapping. The first one is a man in the US who Dua had met while studying there. The police identify the man as a Pakistani and state that he was pressuring Dua into marrying him and had also threatened to release pictures of her on social media.

They are also trying to locate an ex fiancé of the victim who also resides in the US currently.

The police believe that the kidnappers were between the ages of 35 and 45 and might have been hired criminals. The number of kidnappers is said to be 5. One of them was covering his face and the police think that he might have known Dua. The police got this information after viewing the CCTV footage from that area. They also think that the car used during this crime was one that was snatched on the 27th of November from the Firozabad area.

The authorities also suspect that it might be a case of kidnapping for ransom. According to them, Dua told everyone she was from DHA even though she actually lived at Korangi crossing. For them, the fact that she pretended to be from the elite might have led to her kidnapping for ransom.


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