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Detained Student Activist Almagir Wazir Submits Bail Petition

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Activist Alamgir Wazir, who was detained by the Punjab police on charges of sedition, submitted a bail petition to a local court on Wednesday, according to a report in Dawn.

Wazir, who was mentioned in the FIR along with Ammar Ali Jan, Kamil Khan, Iqbal Lala and Farooq Tariq, stated in his bail petition that that the charges leveled against him are false and baseless. He further said that he was not in possession of any loud speaker and had not made a speech with seditious remarks.

He added that if he is given bail, he will show up to the courts when asked to.

SI Mohammad Nawaz alleged that the participants in the Student Solidarity March, including those named in the FIR, were making seditious speeches, and that this can be proved through PPCI3 camera recordings.

Wazir’s petition states the police are not following the proper procedure for submitting video evidence.

Wazir disappeared on the 28th of November from his hostel at Punjab University. On the 29th of November an FIR for sedition was booked in his name. Later, it was found out that he was detained by the Punjab police.

The Punjab Police has been given till the 5th of December to submit a reply.


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