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Dar-Ul-Aman Official Claims Forced To Withdraw Allegations Of Sexual Abuse At Shelter Homes

Former Dar-ul-Aman (Kashana) Lahore superintendent Afshan Latif has said that she was pressured to not move ahead with seeking legal action pertaining to the ‘misuse’ of orphan girls in women shelter homes.

In late November, Afshan Latif had alleged that orphan girls living in the shelter homes were being ‘misused’ to fulfil demands of ministers and government high-ups.

In a recent video, Afshan said that on November 29, she was pressured at the police station to sign an undertaking taking back her allegations.

The former Dar-ul-Aman official emphasised that the truth will be revealed to the public.

She also revealed that for the last four months, she had been informing Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat, but she was repeatedly told that Dar-ul-Aman’s issues will be solved when Raja Basharat will become the chief minister of Punjab.


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