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Dadu ‘Honour’ Killing Case: Medical Examination Reveals Injuries Caused by Stoning

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The medical report of Gul Sama, the 9-year-old killed in the name of ‘honour’ in Wahi Pandhi near Dadu, shows signs of stoning to death, Dawn reported on Thursday.

The report further states that injuries to the minor’s body, like a fractured neck and face along with deep injuries on the face and torso, were likely the result of the child being hit by heavy stones.

The exhumation process of the child was carried out by Dr. Qureshi Ali Shah in the presence of the civil magistrate and civil judge of Johi, Agha Imran Pathan. According to Dr. Quereshi, they will release the final report after a chemical examination of the body has been done and a DNA test is carried out to confirm the victim’s identity.

The exhumation was carried out in a heavily guarded tent in Lak Graveyard in the Karo Kot mountains near Wahi Pandhi. The grave of the minor was pointed out by the father.

Currently Gul Sama’s parents and the cleric who led her funeral prayers are under investigation.

Following this news, the Women’s Action Forum (WAF) condemned this atrocity and expressed their sorrow over it. They also claimed that the girl might never get justice because of the hurdles created by the sardari system.

According to them, senior medical and police officers should be appointed to the case in order to avoid any miscarriages of justice.



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