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Dadu ‘Honor’ Killing Case: HRCP Says Girl Was Not Killed By Stoning

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A Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) fact finding commission investigated the Dadu karo-kari case and announced that Gul Sama, the deceased child, had not died because of stoning.

The HRCP fact finding commission was led by Abdul Majid Chandio and was aided by several journalists. They had talked to people in Dadu, Johi, Wali Pandhi and Shahi Makan. According to them, the locals said that the child’s case was being played by the tribal leaders in the area over a dispute over the areas resources.

The commission also talked to the parents of the deceased who said again that their daughter had died in a landslide while playing. The medical report also stated that she was hit by hard objects, something that can happen in a landslide.

The commission also went over the funeral details of the child and observed that if the child had been declared kari, she would not have received her funerary rites.

The commission also talked to the police who said that they were under pressure to investigate the case after a Karachi based publication had falsely reported the incident as a case of stoning rather than looking at the politics of the area.

The HRCP has stated that they will release the details if the commission in a detailed report soon.


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