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CJ Designate Gulzar Ahmed Wants Construction Additional To Islamabad’s 1960 Master Plan Destroyed

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Supreme Court’s judge Justice Gulzar Ahmed has asked for Islamabad’s master plan of 1960 and has stated that if there existed additional construction than that detailed by the master plan, it should be destroyed.

A two-member bench of the apex court comprising of Justice Gulzar Ahmed And Justice Maqbool Baqar heard the case pertaining to the encroachment by Pak-Gulf Construction and Centaurus Mall on public land.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed expressed his disapproval of Capital Development Authority for ruining the outlook of Islamabad.

The judge directed that the master plan of 1960 be produced and added that all additional constructions other than the master plan should be demolished.

The court further reprimanded the CDA for the mess Islamabad was in and how roads were covered in potholes and there were no trees visible anywhere.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed, the incoming chief justice, further remarked that CDA did not bother to repair any road other than the constitutional avenue.

On Tuesday, the federal cabinet had approved the provisional report by a federal commission intended to review Islamabad’s Master Plan.

The new rules dictate that high-rise buildings in Blue Area and Mauve Area be encouraged and floor area percentage be increased.


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