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Chinese Embassy Denies Report Of Pakistani Girls Being Sold To China

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The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad has refuted an Associated Press (AP) report that stated that 629 Pakistani girls had been sold to Chinese nationals.

The embassy spokesperson went on to say that the they had carried out their investigation in both Pakistan and China had found no evidence to support that report.

He added that they Chinese government had worked with their Pakistani counterparts to solve the issue as fast as possible. He also reaffirmed the Chinese government’s support for solving any issues that implicate both the countries.

He also said that this report was intended to create a conflict between two friendly countries.

AP had earlier reported that women from Pakistan were being sold to Chinese nationals where they were forced into marriages or prostitution. According to them these women also went through severe physical and sexual abuse. There were also reports about these women being exploited by the illegal organ trade.

AP further added that the FIA in Pakistan had arrested people from this racket, all Chinese nationals, but had to give up on the investigation because of pressures from above. The racket hence keeps on growing under this situation.

When the Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, was asked this question at a press conference earlier, he stated that we have to protect our girls and our bilateral relations. He further stated that both the governments were working together to solve these issues.

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