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Careem and Uber Captains Protest ‘Unfair Treatment’

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A large number of drivers associated with the ride hailing companies Careem and Uber protested outside the Karachi Press Club. The protest was in response to, what the captains claim, are exploitative practices in both these companies.

According to the captains, these companies are making them work long hours and unjustly cutting part of their income in the guise of taxes.

According to one of the protesters, the protest has been going on for a month. It started out small but they were able to make it larger by winning over more captains to their cause. According to them, they made the Careem and Uber brand in this country and the treatment they’ve been given in return is unfair.

However, the administration of the ride hailing companies claims that this protest is uninformed and has no basis. According to them the captains are protesting without reading and understanding the rules and regulations of the company.

That being said, the companies claim that the tax they cut on captains’ income was sanctioned by the Sindh government and is not their own invention. They’ve been advocating to get the tax completely ended by the government. Right now they’ve managed to bring it down from 13% to 5% but a complete elimination seems unlikely.


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