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British Rock Group ‘Coldplay’ Features Amjad Sabri In New Album

British rock group Coldplay’s latest album, Everyday Life, features legendary Pakistani qawwal Amjad Sabri on it.

Amjad Sabri features on the albums track called “Church” where his qawwali Jaga Ji Laganay plays in the end of the song alongside a loop in the lead singer, Chris Martin’s, vocals.

Martin, in an interview with Entercom, introduced Amjad Sabri as a qawwal from Pakistan who was very “cool”. He further went on to say that they qawwal was murdered by people who didn’t agree with his views.

Coldplay’s album currently is one of the ranking high in the top album charts.

Amjad Sabri was murdered Karachi nearly two years ago at time when sectarian violence and extremism were experiencing a high. Thousands of people showed up at his funeral to express their grief over his loss.


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