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Bilawal Announces Campaign To Dislodge ‘Puppet Government’

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari announced on Friday that the event for Benzair Bhutto’s 12th death anniversary would be held in Liaqat Bagh where the PPP will launch its campaign to oust the ‘puppet’ government.

Bilawal said that the PPP was always ready to defend democracy against any attacks.

According to him, the establishment of such a government is a direct attack on democracy, something that the PPP would never standby and watch. He said that he would carry on the tradition of his grandfather and mother in fighting for the people and democracy.

He added that it was the responsibility of the party to fight for democracy and to fight for the people’s rule. The chairman said that he will not bow his head to forces and will announce the ‘people’s agenda’ on the 27th.


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