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Abid Ali Becomes First Player To Score Century In Both ODI and Test Debut

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    Pakistani cricketer Abid Ali has become the first Pakistani to score a century on his One Day International (ODI) and test debut. The cricketer managed this feat in the match against Sri Lanka in Rawalpindi where he scored 109 runs.

    The Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam also scored a century during the match.

    The Sri Lanka team has come to Pakistan for the first time after 2009 when the team was ambushed near Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore by gunmen. They have been playing against Pakistan in Rawalpindi where entry has been free. 12000 fans crowded the stadium to be entertained by the cricketers.

    The match was put to a halt because of bad weather but resumed on Sunday.

    The teams will be playing in Karachi on Thursday.

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