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Wanted To Ensure Rao Anwar and Naqeebullah’s Case Is Not Forgotten, Says Curator Of ‘Killing Fields Of Karachi’

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Artist Adeela Suleman, the curator of ‘Killing Fields of Karachi’ at Karachi Bienalle 2019, which was forcibly shut down by ‘military officials’, has said that the case of Rao Anwar was important, and she was only reminding people of the case to ensure that it was not forgotten.

While giving an interview to BBC Urdu about the shutting down of her installation, Adeela Suleman said that she was under the impression that the media would be interested in the exhibition as it was focused on Naqeebullah Mehsud’s case.

She added that she had no idea that her exhibition would be shut down within two hours.

She further stated that if the administration of Karachi Bienalle wanted their event to be apolitical, that was not possible as art without politics is not possible.

Adeela said that she only wanted to narrate a story through her art and not give a statement about her support in the case of Naqeebullah Mehsud.

She further stated that the incident had made her realise that art was so powerful that it had caused someone to remove the installation within two hours.


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