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Vlogger UKhano Registers FIR Against ‘False’ Allegations Of Harassment

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Famous vlogger and social media personality, Umar Khan, popularly known as Ukhano, has registered a First Information Report against ‘false’ accusations of sexual harassment made by multiple women.

In July, several women shared screenshots of their conversations with the social media star, in which Ukhano shared his obscene pictures with them and asked for their ‘bold pictures’.

On Saturday, Ukhano shared a video in which he stated how false allegations had been made against him and how he had promised to deal with the matter legally. He added that after three months, he had managed to register an FIR against the false allegations.

The video showed people claiming that both sides of the sotry should be listened to before accusations. There was also a clip of Assistant Director Of the Federal Investigation Agency, who said, “If someone tries to defame an individual, then an FIR will be filed against the prior, after due investigation.”

Ukhano also shared a picture of the FIR, which stated that a woman named Dua Asif, with the Facebook profile name, Afrah Asi, had started a defamatory campaign against him.

The vlogger also uploaded a video to thank the people who had lent their support to him.

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He claimed that his life had fallen apart due to the ‘false allegations’ and how false allegations against both men and women damage their life. He added that he had uploaded the video to show people how they should use legal platforms to deal with such issues.


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