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UET Lahore Suspends Two Students For Organising Protest Against Fee Hike

Lahore’s University of Engineering and Technology has rusticated two of its students for ‘planning and organising a protest against fee hike and has issued a warning to three others for doing so.

According to a notice circulating on Twitter, UET’s discipline committee has penalised five students for what it says was an ‘incident of indiscipline’. The notice detailed that two students had been rusticated from the university for six months for planning and organising a protest and provoking others to participate in the protest.

The university has also permanently cancelled their hostel allotment.

Meanwhile, the educational institution has permanently cancelled the hostel allotment of two others and has issued them, including one other person, a warning to not partake in such activities in the future.

Academic and activist Amamr Rashid stated that despite no violence or hooliganism, two students had been rusticated for organising a protest for better facilities. He added that peaceful protest was a constitutional right and this act of rusticating students showed how university administrations protect and perpetuate corruption within their ranks. He further called for a restoration of student unions.

In early October, activists of the Progressive Students Federation had been arrested by police over charges falling under the purview of the Anti-Terrorism Act for campaigning for education facilities in their area.


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