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Twitterati Condemn Administrative Curbs On Students Mobilising For Solidarity March

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As the Students Solidarity March approaches, university administrations and the government are placing curbs on students mobilising for the march, a move which has received condemnation on social media.

On Tuesday, the governor of Balochistan had issued directions to the University of Balochistan to place a ban on all political activities and gatherings on its campus, while on Wednesday, the Punjab University had cancelled the M.Phil degree of one of the main organisers of the Students Solidarity March, who was seen playing the drums during the awareness campaign for the march at the Faiz International Festival.

People have taken to social media to express disapproval of the heavy-handed tactics of the state.

Activist Ammar Rashid stated these dictatorial responses to demands for accountability were not acceptable.

Academic Nida Kirmani said that the clampdown on students in the run up to the march was intensifying across the country, and that authorities were afraid of student power as it was the force that could shake the foundations of their power.

Moreover, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has expressed alarm over the fact that supporters of the Students Solidarity March were being harassed, facing rustication, and were being dislodged from their hostels to restrain them from participating. This, the rights body stated, was a flagrant violation of their peaceful assembly.

Activist Tooba Syed condemned the act of the government of Balochistan whereby it had directed the University of Balochistan to ban political activities on campus. She stated that such an act was shameful for any government.

Activist Ammar Ali Jan also took to Twitter to term the Balochistan government’s directions to UOB shameful, and said that students deserved to be heard rather than intimidated.

People also expressed solidarity with Hussain Jameel, whose degree was cancelled by the Punjab University, and condemned the act of the university.


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