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Thirteen Students Of Sindh University Charged With Sedition For Demanding Clean Water

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Thirteen students of University of Sindh Jamshoro have been charged with sedition for protesting for clean water.

According to a tweet by academic and activist Ammar Rashid, thirteen students, including four members of the Progressive Students Federation, have been charged with sedition for carrying out a protest for clean water. The activist, in his tweet, stated that this criminalisation of students, especially in Sindh and Balochistan, was unacceptable.

Students have recently been at the receiving end of harsh punishment from both their university administrations and state authorities for protesting for their rights.

Recently, Lahore’s University of Engineering and Technology had rusticated two of its students for planning and organising a protest against fee hike and has issued a warning to three others for doing so.

In early October, police in Kashmore district of Sindh arrested student activists under terrorism charges for campaigning for the establishment of a degree college and university along with a library in their district.


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