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Prisoners Enjoy Poetry And Music In Buner Prison


An entertainment programme was arranged for prisoners in Daggar Jail of Buner with poetry and music for inmates.

According to the deputy commissioner of Buner, this was the first time an entertainment programme was arranged for prisoners in the jail

The prisoners enjoyed Mushaira (poetic symposium) and a music programme. The poets and musicians enthralled the prisoners with pleasant poetry and folk songs.

Deputy Commissioner Buner Muhammad Khalid added that prisoners deserved entertainment like normal people, adding that members of the society must also spend some time with prisoners.

He added that the entertainment was provided for character-building purposes, so the prisoners could become useful citizens of society in the future.

He added that entertainment programmes would be randomly arranged in jail after every three months. “There are very talented people within the prison who should get the opportunity to show their talent,” the deputy commissioner added.

The deputy commissioner further said that our religion propagated good behaviour with prisoners.

He added that the prisoners must be provided full opportunity to get back to a normal life as useful citizens.

Moreover, on the instructions of the deputy commissioner, sports equipment was also distributed among the prisoners and a television was also provided in the main hall of the jail.


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