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Pak-Afghan Youth Ambassadors Engage In Cultural Exchange At Kabul Festival

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Mediothek Afghanistan organised a two-day culture and art regional festival at the historic Gardens of Babur in Kabul. Pak-Afghan youth ambassadors and participants from Tajikistan and Iran graced the event and engaged in cultural exchange at the festival.

Mediothek Afghanistan has been organising an art and culture festival in the final month of each year as an attempt to promote a culture of tolerance and coexistence and to develop regional youth networks.

The organisation and its partner in Pakistan, Media Training and Research Centre (MTRC), have been organising workshops in Kabul and Islamabad where peace ambassadors from both sides have participated.

Participants discussed Pak-Afghan history and politics and shed light on ways of promoting peace and increasing people to people contacts on both sides.

Pak-Afghan experts and policymakers shared their knowledge and views about the history, culture and politics of the region with the young peace ambassadors and lectured them on traditions, economy, geography, shared opportunities and common threats to both countries.

Moreover, the festival also included displays of Afghan handicrafts, clothing, historical works, jewellery, paintings, photography, books and publications related to peace, conflict resolution, and socio-cultural issues.

Famous sufi singer from Herat province, Khaja Mohammad Ebrahim Ehrari, entertained the audience at the Queen Palace in Kabul. The singer presented sufi poetry and spellbound the audience.

Peace festivals like these provide a forum for a discussion on the development of peaceful cooperation among the young people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran and other neighbouring countries.

Such events provide a platform for the sharing of views and observations in order to foster integration, peace and reconciliation among the people of the countries involved, along with providing people the opportunity to develop and expand their networks.


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