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Mahnoor Baloch Reveals The Secrets Of Her Never-Ending Youthfulness

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    Actor Mahnoor Baloch, who is known for her youthful looks, has revealed the secrets on how to keep oneself looking youthful.

    Many have often pointed out that the actor ages at an extremely slow rate, and has not changed since her debut on television almost three decades ago. She is frequently praised for not looking like a grand mother when she actually is one.

    In a recent interview to Images.dawn, the actor revealed the secrets to her timeless beauty.

    About how to get wrinkle-free skin, she revealed that one must always cleanse and moisturise before they went to bed and emphasised on the importance of sunblock.

    Moreover, the actor said that smart lifestyle choices had kept her looking young. She said that one must drink lots of water, take health supplements, and work out for at least half an hour.

    She also advised that meditation, yoga, weight training and cardio would aid in keeping one looking young.

    Furthermore, Baloch also recommended that those intending to not age should check what they eat. She said that one must not give in to their gluttonous side, adding that she had removed sugar, wheat and processed foods from her diet.

    She revealed that her breakfast included a vegetable omelette, yogurt and brown rice roti. For lunch, Baloch said, she had chicken and veggies with brown rice or brown rice roti.

    She also advised the use of coconut oil in food, and added that if one really wanted to have sugar, they could, but once in three months!

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