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Mahira Khan Advises Youth To Use Social Media Cautiously

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Actor Mahira Khan has advised the youth to use social media with caution and a positive approach.

While addressing a packed auditorium at the ‘Stardom with Responsibility’ talk at the Faiz International Festival, Mahira Khan discussed her routine and the issues she faces.

Khan discussed her family, her sick mother, and the studies of her son.

She also talked about her film Superstar and the positive response it had received, adding that even her harshest critics wrote well about the film.

She further advised the youth to adopt a cautious and positive approach on social media.

The Superstar actor also talked about her website and how it aims to highlight the issues of women.

Moreover, in a session titled ‘The Future of Cinema, Alternative versus Commercial’, in which actors Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleman and filmmakers Sarmad Khoosat and Ammar Aziz appeared as panellists, the lacking support of the government for cinema was criticised.

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