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LHC Allows Nawaz To Travel Abroad, Removes Condition Of Indemnity Bond

The Lahore High Court has allowed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad for four weeks for medical treatment, further stating that the duration could be extended upon the recommendation of medical professionals.

The court has further ordered the federal government to remove his name from the Exit Control List without any condition of furnishing an indemnity bond.

Earlier, the Lahore High Court had asked for a written affidavit from the Sharif family to guarantee that Nawaz Sharif would be returning to Pakistan after receiving treatment.

The draft submitted by Shahbaz Sharif to guarantee Nawaz Sharif’s return stated, “Nawaz Sharif will return to the country as soon as his health is stabalised. He [Nawaz Sharif] will face his cases as soon as he returns to the country.”

The undertaking had been opposed by the federal government’s legal representative, who said it did not mention when Nawaz would leave Pakistan and when he would return

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had submitted a plea in the Lahore High court to challenge the government’s decision of furnishing indemnity bonds in order to get a one-time permission for Nawaz Sharif to go abroad for treatment.

On Tuesday, the federal cabinet gave conditional approval to removing former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s name from the Exit Control List. According to the decision, Nawaz Sharif could go abroad on the condition that he submit a financial guarantee.

Nawaz Sharif had been granted bail on October 29 for eight weeks on medical grounds. The premier had been released following the submission of the required bail bonds.

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