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Is Neelam Munir’s Item Song Based On Story Of Indian Woman Who Married Gujranwala Man?

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Neelam Munir’s item song in Kaaf Kangana has grabbed the attention of many film watchers in Pakistan, but it is being claimed by the Indian media that the song draws similarities with the story of an Indian woman who came to Pakistan to marry a man from Gujranwala.

According to a story on India Today, the song and the movie have become a source of taunts for one unsuspecting man from Gujranwala, who claims there are certain similarities in the lyrics with the story of his wife.

The song in question, Khwabon Mein, depicts the story of a woman from Bathinda, who came to Pakistan from India to marry a Pakistani man, with whom she had developed a loving relation on social media.

In October 2018, a resident from Gujranwala, Suleman, had married Tina Sharma from India.

Suleman and Tina had become friends on social media. Tina used to be abused by her former husband, and when the situation became unbearable for her, she left for Pakistan. In Pakistan, she married Suleman after converting to Islam.

Suleman has claimed that Neelam Munir’s song in Kaaf Kangana portrays the story of his wife. In an interview with India Today, Suleman particularly pointed out the lyrics, “Ladki Bathindae ki jawan gayee ray, India may boley sadi jan gai ray, khawaboo may jab may Pakistan gai rai.”

It seems that both the Indian media and Suleman are drawing parallels where there are none. Marriage between Indians and Pakistanis is nothing new, and there could be many women who left their marriages in India to come to Pakistan.

The analogy between Tina Sharma’s story and Neelam Munir’s role in Kaaf Kangana seems only to be based on the fact that the song mentions Bathinda, which could very well be a coincidence.

Considering the fact that the movie is a project of the Inter-Services Public Relations, it seems what the Indian media is trying to convey is that the military is targeting a citizen of its own country because he married a woman from India. This seems far-fetched as the military would not waste its time and resources just so it could taunt a citizen of Pakistan for marrying a woman from India. This seems like the kind of propaganda Indian media generally engages in.

As for Suleman, he has seemingly taken the taunts he has received from his friends too seriously. He even told media, “The director has also placed a large mole on [the] dancer’s lip, just so people get it of whom he is talking about.”

Suleman’s wife also has a mole on her upper lip. But Suleman’s claim of the director trying to portray Neelam as Tina is totally false, as Neelam Munir has this mole on the right side of her upper lip since she’s joined the industry.

A screengrab from the first episode of HUM TV’s drama serial Qaid-e-Tanhai (2010). The mole can be seen on Neelam Muneer’s upper lip.

Suleman has said that his story was known across Pakistan as the media had widely reported on his marriage with Tina, and the director of the movie was trying to cash in on it. Again, this claim could be refuted, considering the fact that many Indian women have married Pakistani men. After all, Sania Mirza is not claiming that the movie is based on her life.

He added, “But this is insulting and degrading to a woman, who is now a devout Muslim and offers namaz five times a day, degrading for a husband, who is taunted with sarcasm.”


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