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Grief And Anger In Kurram After Rape And Murder Of 5-Year-Old Girl

PESHAWAR: Cases of horrendous sexual abuse appear to be rising in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province (KP) as a five-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Kurram district.

Members of the public belong to different walks of life, including students and lawyers, protested against the killing of the minor girl named Gul Sakina. She was murdered in Pewar Ghundi Khel area of Kurram district.

Protesters said that the murder of the five-year-old must be investigated and demanded that police authorities must arrest people involved in the gruesome crime. The protesters demanded that exemplary punishment should be meted out to the perpetrators.

Addressing a protest organized by lawyers in front of the Parachinar court, Bar Association Parachinar President Mahmood Ali Turi, General Secretary Omar Bangash and other leaders expressed their shock and regret over the crime. The protesters warned that they cannot sit silent and while such atrocities are committed against infants.

The protesters further expressed their view that the people involved in the crime do not deserve any leniency and must be hanged to set an example.

Students of the Government Polytechnic Institute also staged a protest in front of the press club against the killing of the innocent girl Gul Sakina. Speaking on the occasion, student leaders condemned the horrific crime and claimed that it was the first incident of its kind in their region – which they found worrying. The student protesters reiterated the view that the criminals involved deserved death.

The protesters appealed to the local administration, police officials and Pakistan Army Brig. Najaf Abbas to play his role in bringing justice to the innocent Gul Sakina’s family and immediately arrest the brutal murderer.

This is the third consecutive case of the murder of a minor to come to light in KP this year. In January this year, a little girl Asma was killed in Gujjargarhi and the accused has been arrested by police. Another girl was killed recently in Mardan.

Police officials in Kurram responded that no medical reports had been received and a judgement was passed about her having been raped before murder by locals based on her physical appearance. Police have been looking for suspects and soon they will be arrested. Police officials stressed that after the merger of ex-FATA into KP province, the public had high expectations of police, which the latter were trying hard to live up to.


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