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Former PMDC Employees Continue Protest Against Medical Body’s Dissolution


The protest of former employees of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), who became victims of the dissolution of PMDC into Pakistan Medical Commission through the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance (PMCO), continues as the affectees struggle to safeguard their future.

Following PMDC’s suspension, employees have been protesting for more than three weeks outside the PMDC building, which is now the PMC building.

Former PMDC employee Dr Ababgar Baluch, who is part of the protest, told Naya Daur that he used to have a high-paying job in the World Health Organisation but joined PMDC with the hope to represent Balochs, who lacked representation in the medical body.

“But my future is at stake due to the presidential ordinance which dissolved the PMDC,” he added.

Dr Ababgar Baloch further urged his fellow affectees to carry out an effective protest around the country to safeguard their future, which was at stake due to the medical body’s dissolution.

Around 250 employees became a victim of the dissolution of PMDC through the PMCO 2019, promulgated by President Dr Arif Alvi. The Ministry of National Health Services (NHS), on October 20, directed all existing staff of the PMDC to go home.

Through the Islamabad district administration and police, the ministry took over the possession of the PMDC building, banning the entry of the employees who were no longer part of the organisation.

Dr Ababagar, who has a house job at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), told Naya Daur Media that Khanzeb Burki, a relative of the prime minister, misguided him on the PMDC issue because of his personal financial interests.

He added that the government didn’t bother to table this suggestion for a debate and dissolved the body in a single move, without any groundwork, through a presidential ordinance.

The protesters have been visited by parliamentarians belonging to opposition parties, representatives of different medical bodies including World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Young Doctors Association (YDA) and civil society organizations. They have expressed solidarity with the affectees and have condemned this act of the government which has ruined the future of hundreds of employees.


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