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#DemineExFATA Trends On Twitter As Users Demand Clearing Of Landmines In Tribal Areas

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On Monday, #DemineExFata became one of the top trends on Twitter as users demanded clearing of landmines in the tribal areas, which have borne the brunt of the War on Terror.

People shared videos and pictures of landmine victims, and made comparisons between the level of coverage that victims of Indian oppression in Kashmir get and the attention given to landmine victims of erstwhile FATA.

Former senator Afrasiab Khattak put the blame on security institutions and said that they must take responsibility for their flawed Afghan policy that brought terrorism and landmines. He pointed out that even after years of clearing the area, the local people were losing their limbs to the menace of mining.

People lamented how the area had been declared cleared of terrorists, but when the locals returned, they found a new threat to their lives in the form of landmines.

Another user stated that children of Punjab grow up with education and sports, while children in FATA fall prey to landmines.

Journalist Muhammad Taqi shared a quote by Desmond Tutu, the famed South-African anti-apartheid cleric, that the devastation wreaked by landmines is not only horrendous but immoral.

Journalist Sanna Ejaz stated that the demand to demine former FATA was part of the effort to reduce the social, economic and environmental damage of mines in conflict zones and was related to fundamental rights.

Advocate Fazal, known for his speeches in rights protests, stated that following their return to Waziristan, residents began to regularly see their loved ones and fellow residents torn to pieces.

A user shared a picture of children holding shells, and stated how their children are (exposed) to landmines while children of the same state go abroad to study.

Meanwhile, rights movement Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement reiterated that the removal of landmines from conflict-ridden areas of erstwhile FATA was one of its demands. In a tweet, it stated that people who had fallen victim to landmines and bombings should be treated and compensation should be paid to them.

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