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Aurat March Extends Support To Student Solidarity March

  • 12

Women rights organisation Aurat March has expressed its support for the Student Solidarity March that is to be held on November 29.

In the upcoming student solidarity march, organisers have put forth demands regarding student unionisation, putting an end to harassment of students on campuses, and changing discriminatory attitudes towards students from rural areas.

In a tweet from its official account, the Lahore chapter of Aurat March issued a statement in support of the student solidarity march.

The rights organisation said that women’s contributions to movements were often undermined, and that the organisation was proud of the women at the forefront of the march.

In the statement issued, Aurat March stated that tone policing was a tool of silencing and urged critics to focus on the demands.

It further added that the tag of elitism is used to discredit politicised women.

Moreover, the statement said that the demands put forth by the organisers of the march represented the concerns of common students and was grounded in years worth of organising.


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