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American Woman Lays Down On Floor Of Islamabad Airport Upon Being Refused Entry

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An elderly American woman protested at the Islamabad Airport on Sunday by lying on the floor following attempts by officials to deport her.

Seventy-year-old Murray Maude arrived at the Islamabad International Airport from Manchester on a Pakistan International Airlines flight.

Authorities had allegedly blacklisted Maude and she was prevented by staff from entering the country. Upon the staff’s attempts to deport her, the woman offered her protest by screaming and laying on the floor. In photos circulating on social media, she was also seen in a wheelchair.

It is yet unclear why the American national was on a blacklist. Following the attempt to bar her entry, the United States Embassy in Islamabad was contacted and called to the airport to resolve the matter.

Users on social media shared news of the incident with light humour, with one user on Twitter saying that the prime minister had said that people would be coming to Pakistan for jobs, but she did not know that the matter would be this serious.


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