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Adviser To PM Hafeez Shaikh Says Providing People Jobs Is Not Govt’s Mandate


Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said on Thursday that the government could not provide millions of people with jobs as it was not its mandate.

While speaking at the Peace and Development Conference, Shaikh said that Pakistan could not become a favourable location for foreign investment because of the ill-conceived and myopic economic policies of the past governments.

Shaikh further spoke of how the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was a huge opportunity for Pakistan as so many countries had put money in the project.

He added that we should not let such an opportunity slip our hands.

Shaikh said that stolen national money in foreign banks could not be brought back as the decision was not in the hands of the accounts’ owners but the bankers.

The PM’s adviser also talked about how poverty alleviation could help developing on the path to prosperity.

With regard to foreign relations, Shaikh stated that China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were the top allies of Pakistan.

He further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was playing a crucial role in regional development.

“Pakistan desires a peaceful and prosper Afghanistan, whereas, the country is also willing to increase trade volume with its neighbouring country Iran,” he added.

He also opined that the living standard of the people of the country should be increased to bring stability.

Emphasising the role of the private sector in a country’s development, Shaikh said that the private sector could help locate markets in ally countries.

He added that the government had simplified business procedures to provide an investment inducing environment.

“The government has also taken effective measures to stabilise the economy, which helped reduce the current account deficit up to 40 per cent,” he added.


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