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University Of Balochistan’s VC Resigns Amid Protests

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The vice chancellor of the University of Balochistan, Dr Javid Iqbal, has resigned from his position after accusations of his involvement in a harassment scandal and protests against the university’s administration across Pakistan.

A notification issued by the Balochistan governor’s office stated that the vice chancellor had stepped down to allow the Federal Investigation Agency to conduct a fair inquiry into the recent cases of harassment at the university.

Recently, Dr Iqbal and the university were at the receiving end of severe criticism after students claimed that the administration was using CCTV footage to blackmail female students for sexual favours.

Students had claimed that they were being monitored by the administration through the use of additional cameras and microphones in washrooms and smoking areas. Moreover, university’s professors and staff members confirmed to media that they had seen ‘secret cameras’.

The FIA had been directed by the chief justice of the Balochistan High Court last month to investigate complaints of harassment of students. The agency had examined the case but not released its findings.

Student organisations had protested, criticising the VC as being part of the blackmailing of students.

The incident had received widespread backlash on social media.  A Twitter user shared the news of the incident whilst pointing out that people still asked why Pakistan needed feminism.

A member of the Balochistan Assembly, Asad Baloch, had called for the VC to step down in light of the harassment allegations.

Students across Pakistan had protested and had called for action against the vice chancellor.

Following the news of the vice chancellor’s resignation, people ‘hailed it as a victory for student rights and the fight against sexual harassment’.


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