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Saudi Arabia Refuses To Release Pakistani Prisoners Under Trial For Drug Smuggling

The government of Saudi Arabia has refused to release Pakistani prisoners under trial for drug smuggling in the kingdom.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry officials have stated that the Pakistani prisoners would complete their trial according to the law of Saudi Arabia and their release depended on the conclusion of their cases.

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia agreed to release 2,100 Pakistani prisoners. However, as of yet, only 563 have been released.

The information came to light during a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee Sub-Committee on Overseas Pakistanis.

During the meeting, the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), informed the attendees of the meeting that despite the agreement to release Pakistani prisoners, it was not possible to release 60 percent of the Pakistani detainees due to their involvement in drugs smuggling.

Currently, there are a total of 3,000 Pakistani prisoners in Saudi Arabia. According to the OPF, the Saudi government had also announced a royal pardon for 315 prisoners.

During a two-day visit in January, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s request had ordered the release of 2000 Pakistani prisoners languishing in Saudi jails.

The recent refusal to free prisoners convicted of drug smuggling shows that the kingdom would prefer to uphold its law rather than engage in gestures of goodwill.


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