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PML-N Lawyer Who Raised Anti-Army Slogans Released After Brief Abduction

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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Lawyers’ Wing President Kashif Ali was allegedly abducted from Thokar Niaz Baig area of Lahore on Sunday, and later released on Monday.

Kashif’s brother, Nazim Hussain, had registered an FIR in the Hanjarwal Police Station, stating that Kashif had gone to the market to buy a cable in Sarshar Market, when he was stopped by ‘unknown persons’ travelling in two vehicles. He was then forced into one of the vehicles and the vehicles sped away.

A video of the CCTV footage of the incident showed that men in plain clothes with their faces covered pushing Kashif Hussain into a black SUV.

Observers have stated that Kashif’s abduction may be related to the slogans he raised during former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s appearance in the accountability court. During the hearing, Kashif could be seen raising slogans against state institutions.

The abduction has resulted in widespread criticism on social media. A social media user shared the news on Twitter, stating that Kashif’s crime was raising slogans against ‘military misconduct’ in the accountability court.

Journalist Imad Zafar took to Twitter to state that if one interfered in the country’s politics, they should have the ‘heart to take criticism’.

Journalist Anaya Khan stated that the fact that a lawyer went missing for raising a mere slogan was terrifying.

Moreover, another user opined that people who had engaged in abuse against politicians and civilians for seven decades were now upset with mere slogans.

Lawyer Rana Asadullah Khan stated that the lawyer community would not tolerate such steps and would fight for the rights of people.

In a statement released today, the Punjab Bar Council condemned the lawyer’s abduction and stated security agencies were meant to protect people and not cause terror and harassment for the public.

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Following the registration of the FIR, police have begun an investigation into the lawyer’s disappearance. 



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