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Pakistani Scientist Finds Evidence Of Life On Saturn’s Moon

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A group of scientists, headed by Dr Nozair Khawaja, have found organic compounds on the moon of the planet Saturn that are considered important for sustaining life.

According to a foreign publication The Nature, a team of scientists from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, led by a Pakistani scientist Dr Khawaja found small organic compounds containing carbon, oxygen and nitrogen gases.

It was discovered that these compounds are soluble and have the ability to interact with other compounds.

According to a Pakistani scientist, the compounds were evaporating from a hole in the depths of Enceladus, while similar particles were identified in the ice particles present on the moon.

Dr Khawaja’s team has been conducting research on data gathered from the moon’s hydrothermal core, which was earlier assembled by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Cassini spacecraft.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft that was launched in 1997 completed its research mission in 2017, but scientists still haven’t been able to study all the research material collected from the spacecraft’s important mission.

Organic compounds are made up of carbon, and without them life is impossible to imagine.


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