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Mehwish Hayat Says She Cannot Wait To Play Benazir Bhutto

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Mehwish Hayat has expressed her excitement over Benazir Bhutto’s biopic and has said that she could not wait to play the role of the revered leader.

In an interview with BBC Urdu, the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz awardee has revealed that the biopic was currently being written. However, she expressed her excitement for the role and said, “I cannot wait to play [Benazir Bhutto]. I’ve been reading up about her and the more I read, the more I get inspired. The world needs to see her story.”

She added, “This is the story of a hero. Benazir Bhutto is a hero to me and I love that woman. Her story is so inspirational to me.”

The star said that it was important that the current and future generations saw the contributions, struggles and progress of Benazir Bhutto.

Though she is excited about the role, Mehwish Hayat does see it as ‘complicated’ and ‘difficult’ and called the biopic a ‘huge and complicated subject’.

She also told the interviewer that she would also be acting in drama as well, which would be her first drama after 2016’s Dil Lagi.

Hayat also spoke of her recent activities for charity organisations. She stated that being an actor was not enough and one needed to use their power and position to work for important causes.

Mehwish was of the view that film actors do try to bring up social issues in their films but that wasn’t enough, adding that they needed to raise their voices for crucial issues.

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