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‘Meesha-Ali Zafar Case Victim To Bad Reporting, Misogynist Interpretation’

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Aurat Haq, the organisation behind Aurat March, has stated the Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar sexual harassment case has been victim to bad reporting, misogynist interpretations and character assassinations of the complainant.

Last year, Meesha Shafi had alleged that Ali Zafar had sexually harassed her during one of their jam sessions. The case has been ongoing for a year, with Meesha Shafi seeking Rs2 billion in damages from Ali Zafar last month.

Recently, the Lahore High Court had disposed of a petition filed by Meesha Shafi pertaining to the harassment case. In the petition, Shafi had challenged the provincial ombudsperson and Punjab governor’s refusal to entertain her complaint.

The said petition was disposed of by the Lahore High Court last Friday. However, instead of correctly reporting the nature of the petition and why it had been dismissed, it was widely reported on social media that the court had completely exonerated Ali Zafar in the sexual harassment case filed by Meesha Shafi.

Regarding the matter, Aurat Haq stated that showcasing the dismissal of the petition as exoneration of Ali Zafar was a misrepresentation of facts, and the singer’s legal and public relations team should be ashamed of distorting the truth.


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