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Medical Board Says Next 48 Hours Critical For Nawaz’s Health

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The head of the medical board looking after the health of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that his condition is experiencing deterioration and the next 48 hours were critical for him.

In talks with media, Dr Mehmood Ayyaz stated that the injections given to Nawaz to increase his platelet count have created further problems for him.

Dr Ayyaz stated that Nawaz’s health was also being affected by the steroids given to him.

The medical professional further said that Nawaz’s kindneys’ tests had turned out to be unsatisfactory and the cardiac medicines administered to him were affecting his platelets.

Moreover, sources have informed media that the platelet count of the former PM had reduced to 20,000 and an angiography could not be conducted due to the low number of platelets.

The former prime minister has been granted an eight-week bail on medical grounds today by the Islamabad High Court.


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