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Little-Known Peshawar Newspaper Receives R23 Million Govt Ads In One Year

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Ex-senator Farhatullah Babar shared a tweet on Saturday in which he said that a little-known newspaper in Peshawar was given Rs23 million government ads in one year.

He said that the newspaper in question belonged to a provincial minister, which clearly pointed towards a conflict of interest.

“A little known newspaper in Peshawar, without even its website, given Rs 23 million government ads in one year. Paper reportedly owned by a prov Minister. What else if not conflict of Interest. Chairman NAB does’t tire of swearing impartiality”, said Babar in the tweet.

According to a story published in an English daily, the provincial minister’s newspaper received a total of Rs34.30 million between 2014 and 2018. This showed an increase of over 60 per cent in revenues for one year only.


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