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KP Govt Inaugurates Project To Provide Free Internet In Public Places In Peshawar

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has introduced ‘KP connect project’ to provide free broadband internet facility at public parks, colleges, bus stands and press clubs.

Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Jhagra took the first step in this direction and inaugurated a free WiFi facility at Shalimar Bagh in Peshawar.

The finance minister termed the inauguration of Free Wi-Fi Service, Digital Library and Business Center under the ‘KP Connect Project’ in Shalimar Bagh a milestone towards digitalisation of  KP. “We are at the verge of information technology,” the minister said.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the finance minister said that it’s a historic day in Peshawar. He added that the project would help students in studying while it would also be beneficial for job seekers.

Jhagra further said that digitalisation has played a major role in improving the economic situation in the western world in the current era of technology.

“The introduction of free internet service in Peshawar is an important step towards digitalisation which will greatly contribute to the economic development of the city,” said the KP finance minister.

Meanwhile, Assistant to the Chief Minister on Information Technology Kamran Bangash, said that the KP government has planned to provide WiFi facility in all public places in the provincial capital.

Kamran Bangash made it clear that the free WiFi service in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was not styled after such facilities in Punjab province. He added that under the project in KP, 25 colleges, bus stands and parks would be provided free Wi-Fi. “It would cost around Rs 9.4 million,” Bangash stated.

He further said that they would also be providing free Wi-Fi facility in the Peshawar Press Club within a few weeks.

The public has lauded the KP government for provision of free broadband facility at public places but has also stressed upon the need to remain strict to culture and tradition. Many contend that students from schools and colleges hide at this public park during classes. Parents have demanded that the government must ensure that free internet at public parks would not make be detrimental to the productivity of the youth.

Members of families who visit Shalimar Bagh on a daily basis said that increased connectivity would help people but may also increase the risk of harassment in public places.

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