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Jami’s Story Has Resonated With Many Men: Osman Khalid Butt

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Actor Osman Khalid Butt has lent his support to filmmaker Jami after he shared his account of sexual assault at the hands of a powerful media person, stating that his story has resonated with many men.

In a tweet regarding the matter, the actor stated that victim blaming was rife in society, and that pseudo masculinity attached shame to men who had suffered sexual abuse.

In the Twitter post, Butt revealed that in a conversation about Jami’s allegations, every man in the discussion revealed that they had been sexually harassed at some point in time by men they trusted.

He added that we (men) don’t speak openly about the trauma inflicted on us, because admitting something like this happened to you supposedly made you a lesser man.

He said that such signs of vulnerability attract mockery and it was difficult for men to speak about abuse because they were met with reactions like, “Men are supposed to be tough. They should be able to resist. They should be able to protect themselves.”

The actor further commended Jami that him talking about his experience was extremely brave, especially considering the fact that the MeToo movement in Pakistan has been met with a severe backlash.

In a statement for Jami, the actor said, “Your story has resonated with so many men, men who are now finally ready to acknowledge the ordeals they went through, and see how they can prevent this from happening. It has given them strength.”

He concluded his statement with words of encouragement for male victims of sexual abuse, saying that if they had even been violated, they should not consider themselves adequate, should reach out to those close to them and seek professional help. “It will be difficult, but it is so, so important,” the actor concluded.


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