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Is Pakistan On The Verge Of Complete International Isolation?

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Majid Chishti discusses how Pakistan is full of natural resources, which if used wisely, can make the country prosperous. But the problems being faced by the country and our inability to deal with them is isolating us on the international level.

Pakistan has been through some rough times since it came into being in 1947 and its existence on the world map is nothing short of a miracle. It is the only nuclear power in the Muslim world and the second largest Muslim populated country on the planet.

This part of the world is undoubtedly rich in resources and has the perfect landscape, seasons, culture and social values. Pakistan is equally important to South Asian politics and has the potential to be a game changer in the region due to its important geostrategic location.

Pakistan is also the sixth most populous country in the world and is ranked 36 in terms of area. In addition, the country is blessed with the world’s largest canal irrigation system and has the highest paved international road known as the Karakoram Highway.

Pakistanis are also considered to be among the most generous people in the world. The Edhi Foundation charity is a prime example of this generosity as it is considered the largest ambulance network in the world.

Moreover, the country has the most fertile desert area in the world along with forests such as Changa Manga. Pakistanis are also believed to be among the most intelligent people in the world and it has the seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers. Meanwhile, it has the 11th largest army and a top intelligence agency in the world as well.

Pakistanis are also famous for their immense courage as people here have sacrificed the most number of lives in the decades old war against terrorism. In terms of natural resources, the country has the longest glacial system with the second highest peak in the world and the largest salt mine too.

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One of the greatest benefits for Pakistan is its large youth population which gives the country an edge in terms of human resources. Young women are also an important resource for the country who are making great contributions  to the national mainstream. Despite being stereotyped as a conservative society, Pakistan was the only Muslim country in the world which had its own woman prime minister.

Further, Pakistan is lucky to have two deep sea working ports at perfect locations. They act as the backbone of our economy. The recent CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) project would enhance economic growth as well. With an irrigated area of nearly 23 million hectares, the country has the potential to export crops like rice, cotton and wheat. Above all, its diverse population adds more beauty to the society. The list of blessings for Pakistan is long but the country has been performing short of its potential.

The above-mentioned facts are undeniable. But despite having all the resources to become a prosperous country, why are we still suffering as a nation? Despite having some of the most intelligent people on earth, why have we not been able to create a softer image for Pakistan? And why is literacy rate so low over here?

It is also sad to see that nearly 70 per cent of the population in Pakistan is forced to drink contaminated water, while thousands die of hunger in Thar. Despite having a 99 per cent Muslim population, mosques are targeted in suicide attacks. We might have a lot of resources but they are all used up by corruption which creates political instability in the country.

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These might be the reasons why our youth, otherwise considered the strength of any country, are leaving for greener pastures abroad. Lack of civic sense among the citizens also shows that we have not put our resources to good use. The list goes on.

In my opinion, the major issue that should be addressed at the moment is Pakistan’s isolation among the comity of nations. Our failure to formulate a clear policy is pushing us towards isolation.  Being a common citizen, I have suffered from these ills and I have felt the pain that is felt by common people.

The most recent event that showed how isolated Pakistan has become on the international level was our failure to get the support of majority countries to condemn Indian human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir. It was even more painful to see other Muslim countries not voting in our favour.

This shows that each and every country serves its own agendas. Therefore, we need to set a clear direction for ourselves before it gets too late and we get completely isolated from the international community.


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