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HRCP Report Highlights Women Disappearances In Rural Balochistan

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The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has released a fact-finding report on Balochistan. The report, titled ‘Balochistan: Neglected Still’, states that the province continues to be ‘shortchanged’ politically.

The report says that enforced disappearances continue while families of the victims hesitate to take up their cases with the authorities. A particularly unsettling fact that has come to light is the disappearance of women in rural areas like Dera Bugti and Awaran.


The investigation of the rights body has also revealed that many people are operating mines who lack financial and technological skills to provide for the safety of workers.

Moreover, the report says that security personnel were also engaged in imposing an unofficial security charge on per production of coal mines. This charge has been deemed as extortion by mine owners.

An important claim made by the rights commission is that the presence of the Frontier Corps’ undermines the provincial government and civilian administration.

The HRCP has also advocated an end to the involvement and presence of security personnel in educational institutions like Balochistan University.

The HRCP has argued that the affairs of Balochistan should be run by the provincial government and civilian administration without any interference.

Furthermore, it has also proposed that a law should be made that would not only criminalise enforced disappearances, but also punish the perpetrators and compensate the victims’ families.


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