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HRCP Expresses Concern Over Govt’s Attempts To Undermine Opposition

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    The Council of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed concern over the government’s recent attempts to undermine the political opposition.

    In a statement issued following its biannual meeting, the HRCP has expressed alarm over the receding role of the parliament, which it stated could be seen in the government’s attempts to rule through ordinance.

    The commission has stated that the recently promulgated KP Actions (in Aid of Civil Power) Ordinance 2019 ran contrary to democratic principles.

    The HRCP also called for the government to implement the Supreme Court’s 2014 judgement for protection of the rights of minorities, who were victims of discrimination and the misuse of blasphemy laws.

    Moreover, the rights body has reiterated its stance against enforced disappearances and has called for legislation to criminalise such acts.

    Terming the recent increase in child abuse as ‘brutalisation of society’, HRCP has called for the state and society to protect children.

    Moreover, in its statement, the HRCP was critical of the state’s measures to curtail freedom of expression through media tribunals.

    It also called for Gilgit-Baltistan to be granted provincial status and the rights accorded to the other provinces of Pakistan.

    Furthermore, it also expressed concern about the resurgence of extremism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa citing the recent distribution of burqas among female students, which it termed an attempt to promote ‘Talibanisation’.

    The rights body has also expressed alarm over the lockdown in Kashmir and the ‘war rhetoric’ from both Pakistan and India. It called for the recognition of the Kashmiri rights of self-determination and requested both countries to protect and promote regional peace.

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