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Hareem Shah Says She Went To Foreign Office To Meet FM Qureshi

TikTok personality Hareem Shah, who has recently been in the news after she posted a video of herself in the Foreign Office, has revealed that she went to meet Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

In an interview with a private TV channel, Hareem Shah stated that her visit to the Foreign Office was not planned, “I got to know that Shah Mahmood sahab was coming to the office, so I went there, because I really adore him.”

She added that people should stop making a big deal of her visit and not overreact as if she had committed a crime. “People do worse things,” she opined.

The TikTok celebrity further stated that she was unaware that her videos would cause such a reaction, and that if she had been prohibited from making the video, she wouldn’t have done so.

Moreover, Hareem dispelled rumours that an influential person helped her get inside the Foreign Office, adding that she went through all the necessary procedures to enter the building like everyone else.

The TikTok star had landed in hot waters after she shared a video of herself in a meeting room of the Foreign Office. In response to the video, there had been a backlash against her, as people had raised questions about how she got into a federal government office.

The room she made a video in is located on the Foreign Office’s fourth floor, where high-level meetings between Pakistani foreign ministry officials and dignitaries from abroad are held. 

People raised questions on the violation of the sanctity of the place and many also pointed out the weakness of the security measures in place which led to an ordinary person making their way into an office reserved for statespersons and foreign officials.


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