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FATA Secretariat’s Employees Face Uncertain Future After Merger

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Around three hundred employees of the FATA secretariat are faced with an uncertain future due to a delay in their absorption in provincial departments.

The situation arose after various sections of the FATA secretariat were taken over by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s government departments over the last six months.

Employees are concerned as the institution that managed the region was being merged with the administrative machinery of KP province.

According to a report in Dawn, officials stated that 200 employees of the former FATA Development Corporation, 117 recruited by the FATA secretariat, and few other were facing an uncertain future amid the merger.

The KP establishment department has, however, denied that employees are uncertain about the future.

Establishment Secretary Syed Jamaluddin Shah has stated that all the issues of employees belonging to FATA’s secretariat have been resolved and the employees had been adjusted.

Moreover, following the KP-FATA merger, the services of the employees of the secretariat were placed at the disposal of the districts of their domiciles. An official informed media that these officials have not received their salary since July.

Employees of the defunct FATA secretariat have stated that a major hindrance to their integration was the presence of strong unions in the civil secretariat, which opposed those coming from former FATA.


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