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Filmmaker Jami Says He Was Raped By Powerful Person In Media

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Filmmaker Jami has revealed that he was raped by a powerful person in media. Jami’s claims come amid the backdrop of the recent suicide of a Lahore college lecturer following the inability of his administration to exonerate him of sexual harassment allegations by a female student.

Following the suicide of the teacher, there has been criticism against the MeToo movement with people being critical of the fact that the practice of coming out against sexual abuse perpetrators is being used in a problematic manner.

Filmmaker Jami took to Twitter to share his ordeal of sexual abuse and say why he strongly supported the MeToo movement considering the recent criticism against the Metoo movement.

Jami stated that he had been sexually assaulted by a very powerful person in the media.

Jami revealed that he used to do photo shoots for his abuser’s ‘high-end books and museum launches’. He narrated how he informed his friends both in the field of media and outside, but no one took him seriously.

The victim also stated that he spent months seeking treatment from a therapist in Agha Khan and was shocked when the abuser came to his father’s funeral.

He further added that he was sharing his experience because the MeToo movement was under attack. He was critical of the fact that one wrongful death was being used to portray all victims of sexual harassment and abuse as ‘fake and liars’, adding that the reason he was coming out after 13 years was to say that ’99.99% of the survivors are telling the truth’.


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