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Court Awards 8-Year Jail Term To Man For Posting Ex- Fiancée Compromising Photos Online

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ISLAMABAD: An anti-cybercrime court awarded an eight year jail sentence to a man who was found guilty of blackmailing and sharing compromising pictures of his ex- fiancée on social media.

The culprit, namely Muhammad Sajjad, was told by Judge Tahir Mehmood to pay a fine of Rs500,000 in addition to his sentence.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) registered a case against the culprit for sharing his ex-fiancee’s questionable photos online and blackmailing her.

The complainant said that due to the actions of Sajjad, her character was maligned and her nikkah was terminated.

The court gave its judgement in the case after hearing the statements of the victim, investigation officer, forensic expert of the FIA and other eyewitnesses.

During the hearing of the case, the complainant informed the court that she was engaged to Sajjad for two years but broke off the engagement after finding about his criminal history.

Following the incident, Sajjad harassed her many times, sexually assaulted her after calling her to his house and continued to blackmail her for a long time. He also threatened to kill her.

When the victim stopped complying with the culprit’s demands and tied the knot with someone else, he posted her explicit photos online and shared these with her family and relatives. As a result, her marriage was called off.

After investigation, Sajjad was found guilty on all the above-mentioned counts. He was awarded an eight year jail sentence. The sentence was announced under Sections 20 and 21 of the Pakistan Penal Court (PPC).


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