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Couple Filmed On Highway Charged With Public Indecency

A couple who was videotaped in a compromising position on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway has been charged with public indecency, and the incident has generated a debate about violation of privacy and moral policing.

The couple was filmed from a moving car, and the video showed the couple engaged in intimate acts in the backseat of their vehicle.

Media reports cited sources inside the National Highways and Motorway Police as saying that a probe had been carried into the incident as soon as the video surfaced online.

Sources stated that scientific methods were used to gauge the location of the incident and details of those involved.

A news report in Express Tribune revealed the details of the first information report (FIR), which said that the couple in the vehicle had committed indecent actions, hence, legal action was requested against them.

The video generated a debate about moral policing and violation of privacy on social media. Activist and lawyer, Nighat Dad, was of the view that it was wrong for a citizen to take the law in their own hands and engage in moral policing.

She added that if the person who made the video wanted to do their part, they would have gone to the police to lodge a public indecency case.

The digital rights activist stated that posting the incident on social media was a violation of the privacy of those filmed, adding that it was an infringement under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016.

Moreover, while some have criticised the user who posted the video, saying that it was a violation of privacy, others have said that the couple should not have engaged in this act in full view of public. One user stated that no one asked the uploader to highlight the car and what was occurring inside it, and that they should have just handed the video to the police.

Another user stated that engaging in such an act on a highway was unethical, illegal, and unIslamic.


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