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Chunian Rape And Murder Suspect Was Himself Molested As A Child

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An investigation into the past of the suspect who was arrested for the sexual assault and murder of four children in Chunian has revealed that he was himself molested as a minor.

According to Express Tribune, a top police official of Kasur stated that it was revealed during interrogation that the suspect, Sohail Shehzad, suffered sexual abuse as a minor.

Kasur Regional Police Officer Sohail Tajik said that the suspect had told police he was sexually abused by his ‘ustad’ at the naan shop he worked at. Tajik stated that the suspect gave his own sexual abuse as the reason for him developing a fascination with abusing other children.

The police officer stated that they had arrested Sohail’s former employer and were currently investigating him.

Tajik also informed media that the suspect was a ‘habitual criminal’ and had a history of abusing children.

The suspect had been caught in 2011 for raping a minor, but was released from prison after only serving only 1.5 years of his five-year sentences.

Police said that the suspect was confident and insisted his innocence till he was shown the forensic evidence, which made him confess.  

Tajik apprised media that the suspect had a preference for children aged 10 to 12 and he used to target those who lived in the same area he lived in.

He added that the suspect would offer rides to his victims and take them to a hill on the outskirts of Chunian and sexually assault them. If his victims cried, he would strangle them to death and dump them in a ditch.

The suspect was so confident that he would not be caught that after committing the crime, he would continue his day as if nothing had happened.

The story of Sohail Shehzad supports the oft-repeated claim that sexual predators have suffered sexual abuse in their past, which is why they turned out to be the way they did.


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