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Christian Community Concerned Over Rejection Of Bid To Denationalise Edwardes College


The Christian community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has expressed concerns over a court decision to reject a claim that Peshawar’s Edwardes College was a private institute and hence should be denationalised.

The Peshawar High Court, in a recent judgement, had rejected a claim that the Edwardes College was a private entity, and had declared that the college would remain under the government of KP.

The Edwardes College Christian Community stated that it was sad and unfortunate that the KP government had succeeded in devouring the college.  

Moreover, the NGO ‘Christians in Peshawar’ has stated that the Christian community was ‘utterly disappointed by this unjust decision’.

The organisation also stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s silence over this injustice was shameful. It added that the incident brought under light the persecution of the Christian community in Pakistan.

Edwardes College is the oldest higher education institution in Peshawar. A claim had been put forth by Peshwar Bishop Humphrey Sarfraz Peters that the college was a private entity since its establishment as a missionary institution by the Church Mission Society. The court in its recent judgement, struck down the bishop’s claim.


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