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CAA Alarmed By Bird-Hits Around Peshawar Airport


The Civil Aviation Authority has reported that five planes have been hit by birds in the last 25 days around Bacha Khan International Airport (BKIA) in Peshawar.

The incidents of bird-hits have irritated the airport’s management, with international airlines flying to and from BKIA also reporting their planes being hit by birds.

CAA has asked concerned officials to take action against the incidents to provide any fatality.

The incidents have been attributed to meat shops and garbage piles around the airport which seemingly attract the birds.

CAA officials informed media that the district administration was supposed to take action regarding the matter. Officials also apprised media that they held meetings regarding the matter, and distributed pamphlets among meat shop owners and residents to create awareness.

Officials further stated that despite these measures, the issue could not be resolved.

He added that this was the only major aviation facility in the province and that CAA did not want airlines to refuse operations from BKIA.


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Naya Daur